This is a relevant entry because fashion is fast becoming a hot topic amongst fashionistas in Malaysia. It is given that every year; fashion trend changes occur just as seasons switch but style never does.

Moreover, fashion houses are taking note that age and size are no longer barriers because everybody is beautiful in their own damn way.

Let’s take a look at the latest local fashion trends that are getting attention among fashion lovers in Malaysia and see if we too can get on board the fashionwagon. For how can style within an individual be created if trends did not occur?


Kimono / Cape

The kimono trend is still pretty popular amongst fashionistas as an outerwear. It is still styled as an accessory to the outfit worn or used for layer ala drapwear to look stylish and casual.

In 2017 kimonos are seen in lighter fabrics and in soft colors as it is the cruise and spring season. Alia Bastaman’s Bolero are one of the kimonos that you can wear for that easy breezy look.

Alia.B Spring/Summer 2016 Bolero in Pink

Image via: FashionValet

Alia.B Spring/Summer 2016

Muslimah fashion – Maxi Dress

Hatta Dolmat once called them Hijabistas and he is absolutely right. Islamic fashion trends are increasingly seeping into the local fashion arena.

It is being given its due prominence because of the decorous outlook according to Islamic teachings. It is less on the excessive and more on the simplicity of the cut fabric and colors used. Artists such as Neelofa, Nora Danish and Siti Nurhaliza often wear such attires and they are always the best dressed.

Creacion by Siti Nurhaliza Janji Kasih Maxi Dress in Nude

Image via: FashionValet

Creacion by Siti Nurhaliza


This style was introduced to the fashion industry by Alexander Wang, through a combination of clothes that married the essence of sportswear and daily casual wear. This aesthetic has won over many fans such as Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and now has gotten a hold of Malaysia too!

This sporty chic look will allow you to start your journey in 2017 in a more active style with an element of cool due to its structural look.

For the outerwear, the baggier and looser, the better but do not forget your leggings to balance your overall look. It is a mixture of body hugging breathable materials and sturdy yet lightweight outerwear.

It’s all about being laidback and not trying too hard.

SUPREMATISM-Cassey Gan Tent Top in Blue and Red

Image via:  FashionValet


Casual Wear

2017 will see more fashion collections such as J Casual by Jovian Mandagie. Casual wear is all about the minimal factor in regards to the design as well as the fabric used because the weather in Malaysia, it’s summer all day, err ‘day.

Fabrics such as crepe, linen, cotton, satin, lace will be suitable not only for the weather but the casual style that is all the rage now. The clothing also will be more focused on comfort.

So our darlings of fashion, may you be stylishly comfortable in 2017.

Image via: J Casual Jovian Mandagie


Ruffles and Flares

Having dramatic ruffles and strategic cut flares encasing one’s body allows one to feel glamorous and more relaxed at the same time. This is because fabrics cut in such a dramatic way that it looks simply chic when worn.

It can change the appearance and inject a sensual romantic style unto the wearer.

This feminine sort of dressing can very well increase confidence within the wearer. It is just all about the ruffles and being on cloud nine. We love the collection by Rico Rinaldi X Tomita Senkogei for his use of ruffles in ingenious places and Adores.KL with their take on flared sleeves.

Image via : Rico Rinaldi X Tomita Sengokei


Adores.KL Mia Top in Salmon Pink


Image via: FashionValet