As sworn beauty and makeup addicts, we’re always on the lookout for hacks and tricks to help us withstand the non-cooperating humidity that is Malaysia’s weather, no matter how weird or wacky they turn out to be – be it slathering PVA glue on our noses to remove blackheads or rubbing used green tea bags under our eyes during breakfast.

And as it turns out, we might have found the oddest trend to surface yet – both literally and figuratively.

Becoming increasingly popular in the Korean beauty scene, all this eccentric beauty hack requires is baby powder or loose, translucent powder to coat over your foundation and concealer – and a bowl of water to dunk your face into.

Okay, yes, so this sounds horrifically counter-intuitive. As much as we’re always looking for water- and smudgeproof makeup, our first thoughts at the slightest sign of rain is the crippling fear that all our makeup is going to melt off our faces until we resemble a Salvador Dali painting – great on canvass, not so great on the face.

But, as it turns out, the whole process of powdering our face until we look like a distant cousin of Casper the Friendly Ghost is to thoroughly set the foundation and concealer to prevent it from running at all – similar to the technique of ‘baking’ – and then dipping it into cool water to seal all of that in for the perfect, matte, non-bleeding makeup face to withstand the sweltering weather.

And while there are varied results – either you love it or you don’t – there are plenty of blogs and video tutorials multiplying online about how well this technique, called jamsu, a Korean word roughly translating to ‘dive’, actually works.

The process can be a bit tricky, since you’re required to hold your face into the water for about 30 seconds – some of us here can only manage 10, and that too just barely – but the timing varies with your skin type; generally oilier skin types are recommended to prolong the dip for longer than drier skin types. And voila – all you have to do after that is to gently pat off the moisture with a dry towel, and you have a thoroughly set, matte face of makeup to go!

So will you be taking a dunk to try out this crazy new trick? Let us know!