Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor – better known just as Neelofa – has been a staple on our TV screens, magazine covers and social media feeds for long enough to earn her the unofficial title of a ‘Malaysian Icon’. Be it her sense of style, her charming personality, or her illustrious career boasting multiple talents, be it entrepreneurial or artistic, we love her trademark neutral makeup palettes with the occasionally skilfully swept highlight of shimmer here and there.

And while Neelofa-inspired looks are not new to YouTube or beauty blogs, the role she recently played in the 2016 Astro Ria TV series Suri Hati Mr. Pilot, Warda Erina, has unleashed a whole new wave of tutorials attempting to replicate what has become an iconic television look – glowing skin, subtle hints of colour, matte lips and an overall impression of sweet but sophisticated elegance.

We’ve gone through all the tutorials out there to pick out a couple of our favourites – both inspired by Neelofa’s signature style, as well as that of the character she brought to life and endeared to the hearts of many.


Minimally Peachy

Using affordable drugstore products, drama-free makeup and demure, sweet colours, YouTuber Yasmeen Razak pulls off a lovely, dewy, glowing look rivalling that of Warda Erina.


Smokey & Sublime

If you love how Neelofa pulls off shimmer and subtlety in one elegant package, you’re probably going to love this look inspired by her and recreated by YouTuber Syfia Melvin.


Sleek & Sophisticated

Warda Erina exudes quiet sophistication onscreen, and this effect owes in part to her makeup choices – with soft neutrals complemented with barely-there shimmer, you get a look that is striking, yet not ostentatious or glaring.


Affordable Chic

Wanna look glam with Neelofa’s on-point contour and highlight skills, but without potentially busting your wallet? Aqira Azlah’s Neelofa-inspired tutorial might be your answer.


Just Matte-rial Things

If you’re a big fan of Neelofa’s neutral nude eyeshadows and matte lipsticks, this subtle, low-key glam look is for you.