While the closest any Potterhead has gotten to getting a wand completely unique to them – because The wand chooses the wizard, naturally – is a BuzzFeed quiz or an algorithm-generated combination via Pottermore, we think this magical new beauty product might surpass the sense of satisfaction we get from a charm-hurling baton tailor-made specifically for us.

Yup, we’re talking about the clear, jelly lipsticks which change colour against our lips.

Now, colour-changing lipsticks are by no means new – there were those colourful lippie versions of mood rings a while back too – but there’s something whimsically magical about a gold-flecked transparent bullet with a tiny flower encased at its core, a bit reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast’s enchanted rose in its glass jar.

But arguably the best part is the principle that, after you swipe it on, the colour ripens and darkens – and it’s never the same for two people.

And yes, while we understand this has to do with the lipstick formula adjusting to the skin’s pH level and natural lip colour, the idea of a single lipstick which brings out an entirely different colour depending on who’s wearing it is about as great as discovering our Patronus.

The flower jelly lipsticks made something of a bang when Chinese cosmetics company Kailijumei launched them mid-2016, and naturally they sold out faster than we could refresh our browser pages.

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And while they’re ridiculously pretty to look at and had us double and triple checking our budgets and convincing ourselves that any self-respecting collector needed to have at least one of the four Pixie Rose lippies, we can’t deny that we breathed a guilty sigh of relief when later in the year, New York brand Winky Lux came out with a decidedly cheaper alternative with its Flower Balms, which not only come complete with a real chrysanthemum but also three delightful colours which bring out a unique shade depending on the person wearing them.

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A lipstick shade that chooses the wearer? That’s real magic right there.