What with the biggest channel on YouTube recently crossing the 50 million subscriber mark, and plenty others like Zoella, Tyler Oakley and many YouTubers closer to home, like The Ming Thing or JinnyBoyTV, amassing millions to their well-produced, globally lauded content, it’s hardly surprising that more and more people are using the platform as a means of channelling their passions and sharing it with the world, with the hope that they might be able to make a career out of it.

The success stories, while not exactly proportional to the number of YouTube channels created every day, are aplenty too, and what with YouTube’s 2016 #MadeForYou campaign spotlighting some of its diverse creators and their equally diverse genres and specialities, it’s hardly surprising that channels like Kaushal Beauty got a place of honour amongst chosen representatives across the UK.

So we thought it’d be nice to share what we know about the gorgeous young woman currently helming a channel of 1.5 million subscribers, a number that is growing every day and for good reason.


She’s a Desi Girl

Indian, but born and raised in the UK, Kaushal has fully embraced both sides of her background – amidst dozens of videos tapping into contemporary trends and tutorials for date nights or New Year’s Eve parties are thoroughly glamourous videos to inspire your looks for Diwali, Eid, traditional weddings, and even a sprinkling of everyday makeup looks inspired by what’s trending in the Indian fashion scene – which also happen to be some of her most viewed videos – allowing Kaushal to channel all sides of her persona and passions through this platform to a widely inclusive audience.


She’s #MadeForShakingUpMakeup

Featured with the likes of TomSka and Tanya Burr, Kaushal and her channel were amongst a diverse, representative selection of YouTubers across the UK to be a part of YouTube’s #MadeForYou campaign, celebrating content creators who bring their dynamic talents and passions to a shared platform and continue to breach milestones every day through the content they create specifically tailored for their viewers – in other words, what they make, for us.


She’s a huge champion of positivity

Whether we’re talking about blog posts, vlog posts or even the type of merchandise she’s picked to design and share with her followers, Kaushal frequently stresses not only the importance of positivity in our day to day lives but also tips and hacks on how to strive for that mentality, inspiring us not only with her on-point makeup skills but also with her resilience and bright, forward-thinking mindset.


Speaking of merchandise

One of our favourite things about Kaushal’s perpetual campaign to spread positivity are the bracelets she’s incorporated as part of her merchandise. Classic, minimal and tarnish-proof, these stainless steel bands – which can come plated in silver or rose-gold – are embossed with inspirational quotes and motivational messages you can wear throughout the day as constant reminders whenever you need a mood boost.


She’s literally adorable

No, we’re serious. She’s got oodles of glam and a quick peek at her Instagram or through the tons of smokey-eyed, perfectly contoured makeup tutorials on her channel is enough to prove that, but we think one of the most charming aspects of her videos is her bubbly personality and bright, honest smile – and considering the number of her ever-growing followers, we’re not the only ones.