While there might be a plethora of beauty products out there promising to give you radiant skin and anti-aging effects, it’s a fact that the healthy, glowing skin we don’t appreciate enough in our youth is hugely dependent on our lifestyles – what we eat, how we sleep, how we take care of ourselves. And while side-effects of aging manifesting over time is an inevitability, Mother Nature has provided us with plenty of ingredients that, if used right, can keep our skin looking healthy, fresh and young no matter what our age.



sugar-1354787_1920One of the primary causes of dull skin are layers and layers of dead cells, blocking off our ability to nourish the layers of cells underneath. Sugar, thankfully, is a great tool for exfoliating, and is one of the base ingredients in most face and lip-scrubs. Using a little bit of granulated sugar with natural moisturisers like olive oil or honey – just enough to have the sugar stick together – scrub gently over your face, leave on for a couple of minutes, and then wash off. Since the scrub is coarse, it is recommended to exfoliate once a week, and you’ll find you’re already glowing as time goes by.



orange-428070_1920The vitamin C in citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons is a naturally occurring antioxidant – it prevents or slows down the aging of skin and keeps it looking young, fresh, and glowing. Scrubbing your face with a slice of lemon, or rubbing a lime peel over dark spots left over by acne or pimples, can have perceptible lightening effects over time, as well clearing out your pores. Not to mention a glass of lemonade or lemon water in the morning has amazing detox benefits.



tomato-769999_1920Tomato masks are incredibly beneficial to the skin, since the fruit has natural lightening and brightening properties and is a great means to battle harmful UV rays. Used in conjunction with other great-for-your-skin ingredients such as lemon or honey, tomatoes can leave you with rosy, radiant and hydrated skin in a number of ways. Try out any of these tomato-based face masks if you’re concerned about dull skin.



bottle-841433_1920Something of a cooling agent, yoghurt has plenty of beauty applications, from applying to your scalp to nourish and soften hair to acting as something of a sunscreen. The naturally occurring acids in yoghurt make it a great exfoliator, as well as a great cleanser, and, as Malaysian blogger Wiida points out after trying a plain yoghurt face-mask, leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised after you wash it off.




Wiida has tried other DIY face-masks as well, and out of these we recommend giving her chocolate mask for dry skin a try, which also uses yoghurt for its antibacterial and exfoliating properties, a shot. If you are not using cocoa, make sure to pick the darkest chocolate variety available in the market, as sugar in face-masks can irritate the skin. Cocoa, on the other hand, is another natural anti-oxidant, rejuvenating and moisturising skin and protecting it against those pesky UV rays we typically attribute dull skill and wrinkles to.




Living Clay Detox Clay Powder

Image via: Trust Nature

This might seem a bit of a doozy, but clay – specifically bentonite clay – has been used in beauty and skincare around the world for ages. It’s a great cleanser, extremely efficient in tackling dead skin cells, black- and white-heads and clogged up pores, and improves your blood circulation as well, leaving you with a rosy, natural glow to your skin after you’re done using it. Though certainly not readily or cheaply available as all the other ingredients in this list, a bentonite clay mask is an all-in-one remedy with immense skincare benefits, as Malaysian blogger Sabrina Tajudin breaks down for us in her DIY experiment.

Bentonite clay can be purchased at Lelong and LemonGreen.