It’s not exactly peachy, it’s not exactly pink – but it definitely is taking over the hair colour scene and we’re pretty much loving every moment of it.

Introduced to the world Georgia May Jagger, model and daughter to Mick Jagger, and nicknamed “blorange” as a fun mash-up of the words ‘blood orange’, we feel the peachy-orangey shade is pretty apt for the name inspiring it.


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Blood oranges are known for their reddish, berry like tint contrary to what we expect from a fruit that a fraction of the colour cycle is actually named after, and this hair colour follows suit, looking a bit like the love-child of a tangerine and a strawberry, if that even makes sense.

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Thankfully, there aren’t any rigid guidelines on how to perfectly nail a blorange hair-do. Whether you choose to go ombre, get pink-orangey highlights, spaz it up with a little more orange or a little more pink, it’s entirely up to you, and is really part of the charm of the whole deal.

Apparently I was wearing blorange before the trend was even invented #blorange#hair#whatisthateven#iwasthefirstoneb

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Intrigued? We think Number76’s rendition of the rose-orange hue is pretty spot on, if you’re looking for a place to try it out:


We don’t know about you but this colour-job by Shawn Cutler looks kinda blorange to us:


Or, oooh, how about this one??

The possibilities are endless.