Try a quick Google search of “Pony Makeup” and the first hit you see is that of a YouTube channel. And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with My Little Pony inspired beauty.

PONY Makeup is quite easily one of the most popular Korean beauty channels, with over 2 million subscribers and 70 million views, and is run by beauty guru and long-time fashion blogger Hye-Min Park, better known by the moniker “Pony”.

And while she’s been around in the Korean beauty scene for a while now, her name and her beauty channel are both rapidly generating interest beyond Korean shores – so we decided to make your job a little easier for you and gather some intel on what you need to know about Pony.


She’s in CL’s girl gang

CL is a pretty recognizable name even for non K-Pop aficionados – a member of 2NE1 and a standalone performer, her tracks and albums have been included in Spotify’s Today’s Top Hits playlists alongside mostly English songs, and she’s been ranked along with PSY when it comes to international artists who’ve made a mark around the world.

It’s hardly surprising, then, to think that Pony’s global stardom got a boost when she was spotted doing CL’s makeup, and even less surprising to consider that 2NE1 fans with keen eyes have noticed facets of CL’s style clearly inspired by Pony’s trademark beauty preferences.

Ma main GZB @ponysmakeup

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She’s got her own makeup line

Pony and MEMEBOX, a Korean beauty subscription box service, paired up to design products inspired by Korean celebs and fashion statements to let her subscribers and fans to pull off these same looks without searching high and low for the right eyeshadow palettes or lip colours. Handpicked by Pony herself, each Pony x MEMEBOX box is like a personalized little present from Pony.


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She’s a Potterhead…and something of a nerd

Yup, you heard us. In between glamourous shots of her perfectly coloured and ever-changing hair and amazingly done up makeup, you’re likely to find photos of a Time Turner, Marauder’s Map or even a copy of the recently published Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on her Instagram, she and her partner have Lord of the Rings promise rings and she’s got display cases of comicbook merchandise she showcases at home – making her that much more of a perfect human being.


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마법의 장난 끝.💫 #mischiefmanaged #potterhead #harrypotterprops #moonywormtailpadfootandprongs

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Welcome to my home. 덕후라 죄송합니다… #enterbay #hottoys

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Her beauty channel is legit

And by legit, we mean her videos are seamlessly and skillfully edited, extremely chirpy and conversational, and although in Korean, equipped with subtitles to make for a smooth viewing experience. In fact, Pony’s recent YouTube Gold Playbutton – a sort of trophy YouTubers get for passing the 1 million milestone on their channels – is a testament to how many followers she’s gathered globally with her candid, quip-y and casual videos, letting viewers feel they’re connecting with her on a personal level.

운동하고 왔더니 도착해있네요! 고맙습니다!🙏🏻 #goldbutton

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She’s a published author

Browse through her YouTube channel and you’ll see that Pony knows a thing or two – or possibly everything – about how to pull off makeup inspired by your favourite celebrities and trendsetters. Her published makeup and beauty books are great source material, with their detailed, step-by-step instructions, to get you inspired – particularly Pony’s Celeb Makeup Book, the third volume of the four she’s published. Unfortunately, they’re only available in Korean (damn).


She’s a pretty awesome artist

Pony has a degree in graphics design, and while that hasn’t been the profession she’d ultimately decided to pursue, her skills are anything but moot. I mean, if a person can use eyeliner as a medium to do a super realistic sketch of a cat, they can do anything.

오랜만에 스케치 #tomhardy #sketch

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A drawing in liquid eyeliner✍🏻 #bamboo

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And speaking of cats

She’s a cat lady.

We are always watching you, PONY. 🐱 #knit #noru

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Could we love PONY makeup anymore? We think not.