Eyebrows on fleek may be the dream, but unfortunately, not everyone feels they have the right eyebrow shape for their face, and in some cases, the eyebrows many be thin, patchy, or non-existent. In such cases, one way of getting the eyebrows of your dreams is through eyebrow embroidery. If this is an alien concept to you don’t worry, you are in the right place!

What Is Eyebrow Embroidery


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Eyebrow embroidery uses feather like fine strokes in the direction of the current hair growth resulting in a more natural look.  Embroidery is different to tattooing in that it not a permanent solid color. Unlike tattooed eyebrows, the resulting eyebrow shape is semi-permanent (lasting up to 2 years with touch ups) which gives one room to change their eyebrow shape in the future. More natural in appearance than tattooed brows, a specialized technician adds a colored pigment to the skin which fills the sparse areas in the eyebrows thus giving them a perfect and fuller appearance. 

Who Should Get Eyebrow Embroidery

While eyebrow embroidery can be done on anybody, experts agree that it works best on people experiencing thinning, balding, or patchy eyebrows.  If considering eyebrow embroidery, always check for personal recommendations.  We love this step-by-step review by KinkyBlueFairy!

How Much Does Eyebrow Embroidery Cost

In Malaysia, eyebrow embroidery costs about 2000 to 4000RM depending on the salon.  Touch-ups (‘tune-ups’) costs roughly 300 RM.  Though this may seem expensive, keep in mind you will have perfect eyebrows for 2 years!

What It’s Like to Get Eyebrow Embroidery


Image via Browhaus, featuring Browhaus Resurrection

The procedure happens in four simple steps:

Consultation – The technician examines your eyebrows and discusses how you would want them altered which can be facilitated by sample photos. In deciding how to change your eyebrows, the technician will advise on the best eyebrows shape depending on your facial features and shape, and the best color based on your complexion, brow and hair color.

Review – The technician traces the decided shape along the eyebrow, reviews it and if necessary, makes adjustments to the shape, length, and color.

Numbing – The technician applies a numbing cream around the area which should precede the procedure by at least 15 minutes.

Procedure – The procedure uses a small but sharp and thin scalpel-like knife which has three needles at the base. Before the procedure, the technician sterilizes the knife. Using this knife, the technician cuts away small pieces of the epidermis (the top skin layer) and applies the color decided upon.

The Safety Concerns You Should Know About

Even with the simplest of “operations” like this, safety is a concern. Eyebrow embroidery safety is dependent on the establishment you choose. As a result, aim to go to a reputable center with top technicians. With the right specialist and proper sanitation measures in place, the procedure is very safe.

A Warning About Pain

Eyebrow embroidery is about as painful as getting your eyebrows threaded, tweezed, or waxed.  Pop a pain pill prior to the procedure if you are worried about pain.  Keep in mind, your technician will numb your eyebrow area before the procedure as well.

How To Take Care of Your Eyebrows Post-Embroidery

After the procedure, avoid water on your new eyebrows as water will cause the color to fade. Avoid scratching of the scabs which appear around the area where the skin was cut as doing so may result in an infection.  Apply an after-care cooling cream as instructed (if given), or consider applying a cooling aloe-vera gel.  Lastly, go for follow-up touch ups as recommended by your technician. After your initial touch-ups, your eyebrows should last at least 2 years.